Programming Private Tutor - Eli Isaak

I am a Computer Science lecturer in both colleges and universities.
Additionally, I have received an outstanding lecturer award.
With extensive experience as a senior software engineer and technical leader at Cisco, a renowned international hi-tech company.
I am an expert in programming and software design.
Tel: +972-54-5664932
I am a lecturer in Computer Science at the university and also lecture at colleges. I hold a certificate for being an outstanding lecturer. Additionally, I am a senior software engineer with extensive experience as a technical leader at the international hi-tech company Cisco. I offer private lessons for B.A. students in Computer Science, as well as private lessons for M.A. students in Computer Science. I assist in completing software projects and serve as an online private tutor, offering programming courses online.
Private tutor in programming - Eli


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Private teacher assembly

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Private teacher class diagrem

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